Hi, I'm Genevieve Dalley, (you can call me Gen) the owner here at A Genuine Event Company. I've been planning weddings and events so long that I've seen eucalyptus swags come & go, then come back again! In 1993, I planned my first wedding (literally MY FIRST WEDDING) and you better believe I had a swag of that sweet smelling, koala loving goodness over my head as I hugged all those people I didn't know, (AWKWARD) while wearing my mermaid style, giant sleeved, beaded, pearled, silky, disgustingly ugly dress! Whew, glad I made it through that one alive!

Well, a lot has changed since then and I have a vast wealth of knowledge that I could only get from being this old and having so much experience under my belt. However, I prefer to call my self "seasoned" over old, perfectly seasoned, like a cute little crostini on an appetizer tray at an amazing event!  The truth is, I know what I'm doing and I want to share all my delicious seasoning with you! I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, an aunt (the crazy kind everyone talks about) a friend, & a sister. I am also an artist, so therefore my attention to detail is keen. Your event becomes my new blank canvas & I cannot wait to create a beautiful masterpiece from start to finish. I am confident that if you secure my services for your event, it will exceed all your expectations!

Bonus: You will have a new friend! But really, all my clients become my friends and I love running into them at the grocery store years after their events! Always expect a big hug!


Now you know a little about me, I want to hear about you! Click on the contact form and let me know about yourself, your needs, your dreams, your shoe size, anything you'd like to share!