To Hire or Not...................... that is the question

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Here are our some reasons why you may need to hire an event planner.

Your friends & family are most likely NOT wedding planners!

I'm sure they are super nice people n' all, but they are not your hired help! They should not be involved for many reasons. They should be able to enjoy your day. Sure, it's your day, but don't you want your sister and aunt to remember it as a fun time with fun memories and not a day where they were just busy filling the cookie trays and cleaning up spills? Plus, because they are closely related, they will most likely get easily distracted by guests they know, that they want to visit with! Let them be guests too. It will be much less stressful for everyone to let someone with no emotional ties come in and do the job! Your family & friends may be creative, but do they have the time, and skills to manage an entire wedding? You need someone in charge, often times when family and friends help they look to someone for guidance and answers. That someone will be you if you haven't hired anyone. Do you want to answer everyones questions on your special day? "Where do these vases go?" "What do we put the veggies on?" "Have you seen The flower girl" "Do you need this on your wedding day? The easy answer is NOPE!

You are so stoked about your wedding, and you should be!
The sad truth is, no one else is equally excited. So, you may be scouring every magazine and soaking up all things weddings as often as you physically can and you want to talk about it! Your friends and family love you, but they don't want to hear every single detail of your entire wedding. The good news is, your wedding planner does!
You need help with figuring out a budget! Chances are this is your first time getting married. So if this is your first time doing something, how on earth are you supposed to know how much it will cost? That's where a wedding planner can come in. They will let you know what to expect when it comes to costs.

You don't have time to plan a wedding!

Did you know that planning a wedding usually takes around 20 hrs per week?

That is like adding a part time job to your current life. And that part time job will most likely need to happen during daytime hours since vendors will need to be contacted during those hours. This could be hard to manage for you or a family member.

You need help narrowing things down!

You have been pinning and dreaming for years now and your boards are filled with so many ideas for your perfect wedding. We love that you are pinning away, but you will need help choosing the things that go together, make sense, and are realistic within your budget and timeline. Sometimes it's tricky to bring all those ideas to life, but a professional planner can do it!


When emotions are so close to the surface, problems can arise. An event planner is someone who can be the mediator, the therapist, the scape goat and many other roles that are sometimes necessary! If you don't want uncle Joe drinking at your wedding but you also don't want to hurt his feelings, then have the wedding planner let him know in a non-emotional business way that this is an alcohol free event. Did a bridesmaid show up with a different dress than the one you ok'd? Let the wedding planner pull her aside before the guests arrive and figure it out. Sometimes little things can feel like big things on your wedding day! You don't need to be the one stressing about whether or not your bouquet arrived, or if the flower girl has shoes that fit so she won't trip. You need to focus on yourself! No stress, no tears (well, just the good kind) the only emotion you should be feeling is pure happiness!


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