Events are what we do!


You are probably asking yourself "How much will this cost?" and, "Can I afford you?"

The real question is  "Can you afford NOT to have us help?"

The truth is, people who try to do a big event by themselves usually scramble last minute to find someone to help, which ends up costing them more money than hiring someone from the start.


We do events, and you do what you do!

It wouldn't make any sense for an event planner to try to do your job just to save a little money, yet countless people every year consider doing their events themselves with no prior training or experience. The results can be disastrous! We've seen wedding cakes fall, food run out, buildings locked up, flowers not show up, etc. etc. and all because someone put someone, who put someone else in charge, and no one knew what they were doing! We would rather not save events last minute, but help you from start to finish!


We know what it takes to create stellar events, and we make sure to leave no detail undone! We are here to relieve your stress, so you can focus on enjoying yourself. Trust us, that is worth every penny spent!


We have packages that fit every budget. If you still want to help with certain projects and be hands on, we love that, it's your event after all! We just don't want you baking a cake the day of (please leave that to the experts).

Pricing for events and weddings start as low as $500, so call us today and let's get your party started! 

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